What is Care Management and Advocacy?

It is for families of older adults and individuals dealing with issues on aging. Care Management and Advocate services provide an integrated approach to ensure access to quality options for aging. Professional care managers help families understand the issues that they face, explore the options that they have, and make the most appropriate decisions for everyone involved.

When is an Advocate/Care Manager needed?

When hospitalized or in a facility.

When family is long distance.

When an individual shows poor self care or can no longer maintain his or her own home.

Where there is questionable behavior and/or poor judgment.

When family conflict arises over care, needs, and options.

When care is becoming too difficult for the primary care giver.

When there are concerns about physical or financial abuse, exploitation, or neglect.

Advocacy: Home/Hospital/Facility

A complimentary assessment from which a service plan can be established identifying needs, prioritizing them, and coordinating services including, but not limited to:

Mediation during family planning and negotiations.

Specialized memory care.

Assistance in relocating to a higher level of care, if necessary.

In-home safety checks.

Assistance with shopping, errands, etc.

Family communication.

Socially stimulating activities.

Coordinating in-home care.

Escort for appointments.

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